Working together to develop beautiful user experiences

Jason Mesut will be joined by his fellow Creative Director, Will Bloor, and fellow Technical Director, Phil Hawksworth for something very different to the usual user experience talk. Together they will draw on over 30+ years of experience to discuss the aspirations and challenges of user experience specialists working together in harmony with designers and developers in order to deliver beautiful and effective user design solutions. They will share some of the tricks and techniques they have developed, highlight some of the common pitfalls of user experience specialists, and talk through examples where the holy trinity of designers, user experience architects and developers bring about beautiful solutions that work and are delivered quickly within budget.

Will Bloor

Will Bloor is Creative Director at The Team, one of the UK's leading integrated creative communications consultancies. Will is one of the most user experience sensitive Creative Directors in the UK, being a major advocate and critic of the user experience industry. At The Team, he leads a high calibre team of designers working across a number of key accounts including Fat Duck, Universal Music, EMI music, Logica and NHS. Before joining The Team, Will was one of the leading creative leaders at LBi working with some of the best user experience architects in the business, and cut his teeth back at Razorfish in the boom and bust days. Throughout his illustrious career, he has worked across an incredible portfolio of clients including Multimap, HMV, Orange, Knight Frank and BT.

Phil Hawksworth

Phil Hawksworth is Technical Director at The Team, one of the UK's leading integrated creative communications consultancies. Phil has been developing web applications for a living since 1999. After cutting his teeth in the financial sector where he designed and built applications to deliver real-time streaming data over the Web to trading desks, he went on to become an AJAX developer while the technology was still evolving. Passionate about the Web and fanatical about quality and detail, he regularly extols the virtues of open Web standards and the use of unobtrusive technologies. After 10 years of developing across technologies, Phil has become a vocal advocate of the use of the jQuery Javascript library. His goal on all projects is to deliver rich user experiences, drawing on a comprehensive understanding of the technology involved and a close working relationship with the creative team. Never short of a side project, Phil builds things to demonstrate and explore the boundaries of what is possible with Javascript and Web technologies.

'Working together to develop beautiful user experiences' will be presented by Jason Mesut, Will Bloor and Phil Hawksworth.

'Digital trends' will be presented by Darren Evans.

Communication is the key to effective user experience

An equal balance of creativity and analysis is to be found in great user experiences.  Unfortunately, the best ones are often not selected because they have been poorly communicated.  This is (one of) the dirty little secrets in user experience – that the ability to sell in an idea is (almost) as essential as the technical skills used in creating it.

Robert will explore the role and importance of design communication in being a more effective user experience professional. 

'Communication is the key to effective user experience' will be presented by Robert Fein.

Speed UX

Research, mock ups, design and testing takes time and money to get right, but what if you have neither time nor money? Quick and dirty UX can turn out results as quickly as you're able to get them down. And clients love 'quick, cheap and good'.

Jason will present an energetic demonstration of how UX techniques can be used on the fly to impress clients.

'Speed UX' will be presented by Jason Buck.

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